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Just as funny as number 1

Man even on some repeats you put new content onto it (like the squids for instance). Don't read what those guys told you about "repetitive" and gave you 0's. You get a 10 just because I laughed not only on both of them but this is something I did with a 1-up version a long time ago for my comtech class. This is the shiz, well done! Both of them :) *wants some more funny stuff like this* 8D

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10 For a reason

Ah! 1-up its been awhile since I've seen your flashes. Nice to see you back haha. By the way this is the best of your works so far IMO. When you had Luigi pop up from the block and then have Mario slap him was priceless! Even when he was crying like a baby that was god awful funny...though I don't know about those ghey clouds ROFL.

It was really well played out all the way to the end. Personally my favourite part was when Mario owned Luigi at the end point of the flag pole. And I knew as soon as the fireworks started one of them was going to hit him at lest haha, you read my mind. Cheers m8 good luck in your next piece ^^.


Yoshi-1up responds:

This is actually an old flash. Hopefully you'll like my new stuff O_O It's a different style.

To be honest...

That was really good, in fact the best one was the invisible block. So true...so true, that happened to me once and I jumped to kill a goomba and a hidden block shortened my jump and I got touched by one of them and died. That brought back memories thanks m8!

Menu was superb as well, good job!


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Well...what can I say!

This game was awsome no doubt, but why lower the HP down I beat it with the original. It was so fun I enjoyed it alot! Cheers m8!


Nicely Done!

Hey awsome tutorial man I even got into this as well this is some l33t stuff! Just wondering if you can show people how to do basic and advanced loading screens, that would be sweet! Keep up your work!


for preloaders and other stuff watch _ULTIMATE TUTORIAL 2_

Hmmm....Very Good

This game was so cute I let my sister play this she likes this stuff even though shes 22 :P... I also noticed that the girl where you give the to looks like Card Captor Sakura :S I'm sometimes scare myself that I possibly knew that XD

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Are you serious?!

Love the sequal to it Ive heard it on so many flashes and most of your work is awsome good for RPG makers and such! Please make more because I would love to hear it :)

H guys My name is Jason Im a reviewer here at NG I usually am a carefree person and If i'm in the mood I give good scores ;) jk I do what is right for the portal!

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